Arizona State Alumni Diversity & Inclusivity Speaker

You want an ASU alumnus speaker on diversity to help your team get inspired for the rest of your event. Danny White is the perfect diversity speaker and leader that you need to set the tone for your government, corporate, nonprofit, religious, or other event.

Played as QB for ASU

Danny set 7 NCAA passing records while at ASU.  Sports Illustrated has named him the “Second highest rated quarterback of all time.”  If you are looking for a dynamite diversity speaker and ASU alumnus, look no further.

Drawing from Experience

After 13 years with the Dallas Cowboys, Danny White has many powerful stories and life lessons to help transform your team. With his unique insider view of American football, close personal experience with legendary coaches and mentors, and an uncommon wisdom, Danny White has diversity messages that will set the tone for your event.

Thinking Differently About Failure

A fear of failure is one of the biggest obstacles keeping people from achieving their true potential. Danny White knows from experience that failure is crucial to moving forward. If a star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys can fail and still be a success, so can you and anyone on your diverse team—and Danny White can help you think differently about what success and failure really mean.

Developing as an Organization of Diverse Leaders

You want your organization to achieve, improve, and meet your targets, which requires diverse people being the very best that they can be.

Danny White is an experienced leader on and off the football field. Between that and his close relationship with other great leaders, he has collected a number of powerful stories and life lessons that he can share with your team.

Bring a Danny White Diversity Speech to Your Event

Set the tone for your event by hiring Danny White as your speaker on diversity. After 45 minutes to an hour and a half, your customers, clients, employees, volunteers, or other team members will be ready to take on the rest of your event and elevate their performance. Get started today and schedule an appearance by contacting Danny White.