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Casey at the Bat

February 11, 2019 | By | News

Baseball on the ground

Even the most successful people in the world struggle with failure at times in their life. I love the story of Casey at the bat but I have always struggled with the ending. It’s so abrupt and negative. So I wrote my own ending and …

How Team Culture Shapes Individual Motivation

January 30, 2019 | By | News

Go Team!

Business leaders know that success in today’s world depends on a strong organizational culture. At the same time, culture as a concept can feel more like a mystery. Executives tend to manage it according to intuition instead of defining it and approaching it like a …

Tips to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

January 25, 2019 | By | News

Alone on a mountain

No matter what your goals are, there will always be something standing in your way. Everyone has faced obstacles and failure on their journeys, but the successful people are the ones who overcame those obstacles. Successful people don’t wait for success to come to them …

2018 National Quarterback Club Awards Dinner & Hall of Fame Ceremony to Honor Danny White

January 17, 2019 | By | News | Hall of Fame, Press Release

National Quarterback Club Logo

For Immediate Release Scottsdale, AZ – January 17, 2019 – On Saturday, January 19, 2019, The National Quarterback Club along with the Grand Canyon State Gridiron Club will host its Awards Dinner and Hall of Fame ceremony. The event will honor outstanding athletes from high …